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Wouter Dhont

+32 499 11 06 97

Meet Wouter Dhont

Wouter is a hands-on, pragmatic, but theoretically strong compliance officer with broad experience in both in-house roles as function roles.

Before launching his one-person compliance consulting firm called iComply, he started his career as a Trainee within the Dexia Belgium Audit  and Control department, where he occupied several roles over a period of 6  years. He then moved to Fortuneo, a small Belgian online broker and savings institution,  where he took up the role as Head of Compliance, Legal, Internal control and Operational risk management and where he was a member of the management team. After that enriching experience, he moved to Royal Bank of Canada, where he occupied a split role as Head of Compliance of the Belgian Branch and Regulatory change manager for the continental European activities.

Wouter Dhont and iComply


Finally, in July 2017, he started iComply, through which he contributed to

  • several application files for credit institutions, FinTechs, investment funds, etc
  • setting up compliance, governance and risk management frameworks for diverse financial institutions
  • remediation exercises next to supervisory interventions or inspections
  • the execution of compliance controls, internal reporting initiatives, governance restructuring, etc.  

Wouter holds a Law degree, obtained the Certified Compliance officer certificate in 2013 and is often asked to be a member of the Compliance certification program jury. He also participated in the Guberna Board members in the financial sector program. Finally, he holds roles as a board member of two Belgian UCITS investement funds and a Belgian payment institution. 

Wouter is known for his very dynamic approach, excellent communication skills, in-depth assessments and high-quality deliverables.

And as the world is not about Compliance only, Wouter is sportive, loves a good glass of wine and is the father of 3 sons.