Good results reflect good governance.

When theory and practice come together

At Lighthouse, we believe that good corporate performances, not only financial, reflect good governance. A well-governed company most often relies on strong leadership, with balanced decision-making and brings value for all stakeholders.

Lighthouse can deliver you hands-on support and advice when it comes down to the governance of your company. How to organize the governance structure of a financial start-up, evaluate a Board of directors, ensure the adequate functioning of a Board of directors, etc.

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Examples of governance cases we worked on

Several Lighthouse members have a proven governance track record. They occupy or have occupied directorship roles in financial institutions, both executive and non-executive, and are willing to share their expertise with you.

Moreover, two Lighthouse members participated in the Febelfin Academy-Guberna program ‘Directorship in the financial sector’. They combine thus a theoretical background with practical expertise in the industry, which we believe are the ideal ingredients for appropriate guidance at the level of governance for your company.

Board of directors evaluations

Competent supervisory authorities expect financial institutions not only to dispose of an adequate Board of directors from a collective and individual point of view, but also to assess periodically in a critical way the function of the Board of directors. Lighthouse has assisted financial institutions in conducting such exercises at the level of the entire Board of directors or one or more dedicated committees. The way the assessment was performed and the constructive output of the assessment were always appreciated by the Board members.

Governance and reporting

Relevant and appropriate bottom-up reporting has a direct impact on the functioning of the Board of directors and the output of its activities. Lighthouse has assisted financial institutions in enhancing the quality of the materials to be discussed at the level of the Board of directors. In parallel, an organisation benefits from a transparent internal top-down communication about relevant topics discussed and decisions taken in the seat of the Board of directors. It enhances the corporate spirit and creates awareness about the strategy, goals and values of the company.   

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Governance, a holistic approach

Our approach is always holistic, with a dedicated focus on two items. We are firstly striving for a well-functioning, lean, collaborative though critical Board. Secondly, ensure a balanced and diversified Board is in place both from a personality as a professional point of view. We always bear in mind these two critical axes while talking to Board members, assessing Board functioning or even setting up a new board of directors.    

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