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Peggy d'Hooghe

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Meet Peggy D’hooghe

With almost 25 years of compliance experience, Peggy has seen  compliance evolving from just a legally required department to the business  supporting unit it is today.    

Peggy started her career in 1997 as a Credit and Compliance Officer at  MeesPierson. When the company merged with Fortis Bank in 2001, she took up a  function in the Compliance department of the Private Banking division. A  passage to the Compliance department of the Retail Banking division in 2007  allowed her to grow her expertise on MIFID related topics. In 2013 she was  given the opportunity to build out the Compliance function of the Belgian  Branch of Deutsche Bank.

As Head of Compliance, she was responsible for setting and defining  Compliance policies and procedures, providing advice to the business,  regulatory reporting and setting up compliance control and monitoring plans.  In 2018 she was asked to head up the Compliance department of the Belgian  Branch of a large Japanese Corporate Bank and during this assignment, she  successfully led the Compliance department to a higher level.

In September of 2021, she decided that it was time to move to the next  step in her career as she joined the Lighthouse team as independent  compliance expert. She brings in a lot of expertise, knowledge, and  compliance insights on Retail, Private and Corporate Banking.  Peggy holds a degree in Financial Science  and is a Certified Compliance Officer. Her pragmatic approach and enthusiasm are  characteristic.

Should it be done, Peggy D’hooghe?

Today, Peggy looks beyond Compliance. Her mantra of ‘doing the right  thing’ is no longer about can it legally be done but all about should it be  done when taking the interest of customers and society into consideration.